The last few weeks

It seems that I have been

Holding my breath…

Suspended by a thin thread…

Clouded with uncertainty…

Stuck in a surreal landscape…

Fear is the language

In the town

It spreads like gossip


Fear – in empty supermarket shelves

Fear – in the theft of important hospital masks

Fear – in the queues waiting to buy guns…

When in reality

We all have enough…

We would

If we shared what we have.

Even if we don’t have spare money to share –

We can share our time, our energy, our compassion…

We can share our talents, our gifts…

To ease the hunger of Spirit…

The hunger of Heart…

Or even real empty stomach hunger..

I don’t want to stay suspended

I don’t want to stay paralyzed by fear

I don’t want to stay holding my breath

This is the time

I must rise out of my stuckness…

Rise out of fear…

To acquire less and to give more…

To move inward

To discover the completeness of who I am

The completeness of who we are…

We are gifts to each other.

We are enough as we are.

We refuse to be defined

by the market world of Success…

Success – the crown of the entitled few

Success – that comes at a cost

To our environment…

To our indigenous cultures…

To our own communities…

To our own families…

And our own creative selves.

We desire for all to be truly Wealthy  –

Wealth of well-being

Wealth of deep satisfaction in life

Wealth of  our inner creative life.

Let us refuse to hold our breath any longer

Let us remember that we are enough

Let us remember that we have enough to share

The time is now to choose

The Way of Love not Fear

Let us breathe out a new way of being in the world

And stop holding our breath.

2 thoughts on “HOLDING MY BREATH

  1. Thankyou
    Connection is what I felt by reading your poem. 🌻
    Impermanence breeds fear yet there is wisdom in being empowered by what could become, given that we collectively unite as like minds and hearts to live in harmony with each other and our beautiful earth.
    Thankyou for sharing.


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