Rabbit Hole

I have fallen down a rabbit hole

of doubt and despondency,

sorrow and self-pity,

and exhaustion…

It happened slowly

and caught me unaware.

At first, I tripped over recent sorrows

of circumstances beyond my control…

I stumbled over

when I forgot my own strength

to bear the weight of my aloneness…

I fell,

as I began digging up the past,

to examine where I had buried lost opportunities…

I opened old wounds

and reminisced over old loves…

counted up broken promises,

dashed hopes and unfulfilled expectations…

I unglued the pieces of my broken heart

inspecting it for evidence of harm done to me.

Little by little

I fell in deeper…

feeling unloved and unwanted…

struggling to find my relevance

in this present time.

I can now see a light above me

from the hole I am in

pointing the way out.

But I will rest awhile in this darkness…

I know this place

I have been here before.

I will familiarise myself with the dark

so that when I open my eyes

I will see through the darkness.

I will gather my energy to heal.

I will begin my climb out of this rabbit hole.

I will say goodbye and bid a blessing to

old wounds, old loves…

I will count the lessons learned and blessings received

instead of broken promises and lost dreams…

I will re-glue the broken pieces of my heart

with Love,

with Compassion,

with Acceptance…

I will practice Forgiveness…

Remembering I am loved, and I am enough.

Believing that all is well and will be well…

And that this too shall pass.

I will ask for the Grace to change what I need to change.

I will grab the rope of Hope to aid me.

I will surface again out of this rabbit hole…

a changed me…

better off for the time I spent in the darkness,

for the lessons learned and the blessings received

from being in the rabbit hole.

Send Me An Angel – Suzette Herft

2 thoughts on “Rabbit Hole

  1. Beautiful. Remember you can ring at anytime for a chat and please do call over when this restriction is over. Take care and thinking of you Faye

    Sent from my iPhone



  2. Oh SUZETTE,
    I hope that as you take time to heal courageously, you will also find strength and unfailing hope to guide you in these difficult and testing times.
    Sending you kind and good thoughts in the hope that they can raise your spirit.
    Hang in there and keep on doing what you are doing. Like the walk on the Camino, just focus on putting one foot in front of the other.


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