Small Things

Do not waste precious moments

Waiting for the future ‘big’ thing

That moment,

That time,

That person… or that situation

which will save you…

or throw you a lifeline…

or rescue you from your oblivion… 

your invisibility…

That time or the situation 

that you are waiting for

where you show the world who you are…

where you share your gifts with the larger world…

Or the person

who will finally see you

and give you a sheltering space

that will bring you peace…

that will bring you the happiness that you long for…

that will heal your heart-break…

No, do not waste precious moments


for that time, that person, that situation

who may or may not come…

Who can tell?

Instead, start with the present moment…

the present time…

the people with who you share your life now.

Start small.

Start right where you are

and do the small things

with great love…

Be in the present moment now

with great love.

That is all.

Only Love – Suzette Herft

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