Joy Is Finding Me

Joy is finding me!

At last, my eyes are open!

My heart is open!

Little moments

of quiet Joy

dripping in

the hours of everydayness.

The perfectly formed rose

which greets my morning inspection –

rising from a once deformed bush

eaten by possums…

That piece of art

that stirs

with a recognition

of something that has no words

but speaks soul to soul…

The vibrating note

resonating in my chest

as I lean into my guitar –

grateful for the comfort

it has brought me

especially when I am sad.

The clean, rearranged room –

making something more beautiful

where once there was mess…

The lighted, scented candle

that anoints my home

with its gentle fragrance…

The coloured feather on my path…

reminding me that I too can fly.

All this and more…

Little things of delight…

I am so grateful for these little blessings.

I used to be too frightened

to claim my Joy.

I equated heart-break with joy.

I thought that joy and grief

walked hand in hand –

as that had been my story…

But now I know

that they are sisters

on the same path.

I will not squander

my moments of joy

(as I will not squander

my moments of grief).

All is making me!

I am stronger

for those moments

that have blessed me…

Joy is finding me!

And I am honoured

that she visits me –

I am deeply grateful

for these little moments

of quiet joy.

Planting Roses – Suzette Herft

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