For too long

I have settled

for the crumbs of love

to fall from the table…

where I would hungrily

scoop them up into my mouth.

I was a beggar for Love.

I searched always,

looking for signs…

in small corners,

in darkened alleys…

Looking for signs

pointing to a feast.

When I got there

there was no place for me

at the table…

So I sat at the feet

of those who feasted

waiting for

crumbs to fall.

I will no longer

beg for Love…

I will no longer

taste crumbs…

I want a feast.

I am deserving of a feast!

I want a lavish banquet,

Abundant with







I want to drink deeply

from the sweetness of Life,

and the rich wine of Love

with all its complexity and depth.

I want to sit

with my beloved

at the head of the table.

I will no longer be

a beggar for Love.

I will wait

for my time

of Feast.

One thought on “Feast

  1. Such beautiful words Suzette .. thanks for sharing and thanks for your extraordinary generosity ..your words are a gift for the soul which touches a place that is rarely visited .


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