I sowed seeds of Bitterness
Every time I suffered.
I watered it
I nourished it –
With my tears
With my anger
With my desire for revenge.

These seeds
Grew into thorny weeds.
Hungry –
For all the more suffering
The stronger it grew
Till my heart
Became parched and dry,
Cracked and hard…
The moisture of Compassion
Sucked dry.

I had to find a way
To kill these weeds –
For this was not how
I wanted my heart to be –
Cold and hard
Harsh and dry.

I soaked the weeds
With Forgiveness…
Over and over again.
I soaked the weeds
With Blessings…
Over and over again.

The weeds withered.
I pulled them out
I tilled the soil –
Now moistened with kindness
Softened with Compassion.

Now when I suffer
I remember to remain soft.
I Forgive
I Bless
I think with Compassion.
I watch for weeds of Bitterness –
I pull them out
As quick as I can.
I sow seeds of
Forgiveness and Compassion


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